15 HP Air Compressor - PFC 65T2

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15 HP Multi Stage Bare Air Compressor Pumps Model PFC 65T2

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PFC Parts for Compressor is a global supplier of 15 HP Multi Stage High Pressure Reciprocating Bare Air Compressor Pumps , Model PFC 65T2 in Portugal.

Multi stage high pressure reciprocating Bare air compressor Pumps are designed for high pressure operations up to 70kg / cm2. These air compressors frames have large oil capacity to assure low bearing temperatures & adequate lubrication for long periods. These all air compressors are having centrifugal unloader to prevent starting under load. 

Technical Data  

Model PFC 65T2
Motor hp 15.00 | 20.00 
No. of Cylinders 3
Piston Displacement cfm 41.25 | 49.50
Maximum Pressure 500psig | 31.15Kg/cm²g
Maximum Pressure 1000psig | 70.31Kg/cm²g
Air Receiver (Ltr) 500 | 1000

Scope of Supply
Bare Pump (Compressor Pumps) with Flywheel, without any Accessories.

# Parts are interchangeable IR Type 30 Model 15T2

Since approvement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice

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